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great white dope.
14 January 2012 @ 01:34 am
wow hi guys i have been neglecting this journal something shocking, i guess plurk ate my life. anyway, in light of the recent events with lj you can find me over at dreamwith ( alduin ), or plurk ( liberating ), though tbh i'm about 1090923482498x more active on plurk. i'm also making an effort to be on aim when i can deal with the slight lag, and my username is aguniator for those who want to add me there.

my recent life in short: passed horse industry cert iii, got a job as a stud hand working with mares and foals, and going back to tafe this year to do vetinary nursing (which will see me working at the local vets for two weeks, natch). wasn't kidding about the surrounded by horses bit. ... in other news i finished ffxiii-2 about a week ago (gameplay was an improvement, lack of lightning was not, story was pretty cool until the end, and i actually like noel), i play fate/zero lancer at asgard now, and that's about it. i have plans to app noel kreiss there after the english release (his app is already done), and currently eyeing a couple dw games, but yeah.

anyway tl;dr ADD ME OVER IN YONDER PLACES, i doubt i'll update my dw all that much but i check my flist enough to keep up with anyone who might not have plurk.
great white dope.
19 March 2011 @ 01:28 am
just a quick update to let you guys know where i've been! i'm still around, just a hella lot more active over on plurk, if i'm missing anyone who has a plurk/wants to add me.

and for the... fuck i don't know, probably two people with ps3s, i finally have a multiplayer listing. come at me bros. i suppose i should get off my arse and post my ds friend code, but that can wait until i get pokemon... and i guess if anyone has a wii i'll go dig that code up too. 360 doesn't count, i refuse to pay just to play online when i can do it for free on 90% of the same library on ps3.